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Small Business Consulting

JACJL was started in June of 2005 to focus on the needs of small business. JACJL has many top-notch industry professionals and business experts that the firm uses to assist small businesses improve their operations and market share.

We draw on this accumulated knowledge and experience. This allows JACJL to tackle almost any issue that a small business may need help with.

JACJL is located in Atlanta, GA.  Our experts work with clients throughout the Southeastern US by phone and by traveling to their location.

JACJL offers a full line of small business consulting and website marketing services. The firm focuses on helping businesses with fewer than 100 employees.  JACJL has worked with companies with over 500 employees, but we enjoy the fast paced, flexible dynamics that a small business has. It is much easier to effect change in smaller organizations.

Services include advice on starting a small business, writing marketing plans, writing business plans, business operations analysis, management consulting, marketing and business operations consulting and manufacturing consulting.

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